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Connell removed rip rap and topsoil from the existing dam, removed the existing outlet culvert, excavated the dam for the installation of two new outlet pipes both 36” RCP. After excavation, we placed a concrete protective layer over the exposed subgrade then installed the RCP outlet pipes and encased them in concrete. Connell then installed upstream intake structures with head gates, and downstream energy dissipation structures. The dam was rebuilt over the new outlets and rip rap was added to the upstream face, vent pipes and gate stems were poured in concrete from the intake structures to the dam crest on the upstream face and a staff gage was installed on the vent pipe encasement. The crest was regraded for elevation and to achieve 2% cross slope into the reservoir and 6” of road base was placed on the crest, the downstream side was re-topsoiled and seeded and a flow measurement weir was installed to measure releases from the reservoir.