30 Inch Waterline Replacement

Project Overview

This project involved the replacement of 2-30” Transmission Pipeline Segments and a micro tunneled crossing of I-25 just south of Prospect Road in Fort Collins.  This project was required by CDOT to allow room to expand the intersection and was contracted using City of Greeley CMAR contract.  Phase 1 was fully designed at time of GMP however phase 2 was contracted off 25% plans due to time constraints and demand on the waterlines.

Connell installed a total of 6,135 LF of waterline 4111 LF of 30” steel, 1280 LF of 30” DIP, 745 LF of 20” DIP. Connell completed 8 connections to the City of Greeley existing system while holding to the schedule and completing the tie ins during limited shutdowns to the City of Greeley water system.  The project was also delivered under budget due to early planning and management of the contingency budget.

Groundwater was a factor on the planning and execution of this project, the groundwater table was found to vary from 3-5 feet from the surface and the waterline was to be installed at a depth of 8-20 ft.  Therefore, the bore was designed as a pressure face microtunnel and a deep well dewatering system was installed.  During construction no groundwater was encountered in the excavation, no stabilization rock was required and the bore was within 2” of design line and grade.

“I am always extremely impressed by how Connell handles utilities on every project they have performed for us.  They clearly have solid processes that are consistently followed. The site is 100% ready before getting started.  I think they have the best utility process of anyone I’ve ever worked with.” 

 – Austin Knapp, Kraemer-IHC Joint Venture