Buss Grove

Project Overview

At just over a mile of road, Town of Timnath was seeking contractor to widen and re-construct the old roadway and up-grade two big irrigation crossing box culvert structures.  Project also included a curb and gutter and a sidewalk with a pedestrian bridge

The two irrigation structures required for the old bridge and box culverts to be removed and cast in place starting In February and be ready for irrigation water by April 15.  We utilized two crews work on each of the box culverts at the same time to condense the time frame.

We then were about to build the roadway above.  Over 20,000 tons of aggregate base course, and 14,000 tons of Asphalt were required to get the road surfaced built.  We also set an 80’ span pedestrian bridge to span another section of irrigation canal to connect the sidewalk.

Town of Timnath
CONTACT: Eric Furhman (TST Engineering)
PHONE NUMBER 970-226-0557