Crushing and Aggregate Production in Colorado’s Front Range and Southern Wyoming

Maintaining In-House Resources

Crushing and Aggregate Production Services

Connell Resources makes every effort to reduce cost to our customers as well as our impact on the environment in which we work. We are proud to own and operate several gravel pits throughout Northern Colorado in addition to fixed location and portable asphalt batch plants. Producing our own aggregate helps reduce downtime that would otherwise be spent looking for local suppliers and allows us to reuse demolition materials rather than contributing to landfills.


Connell Resources produces aggregate products for both internal construction needs and materials for other contractors and public sale. We routinely process gravel resources including development, crushing, sales, and pit reclamation. We produce specification aggregates for internal asphalt production, aggregate base course materials, materials for pipe bedding, retaining wall backfill, and other structural fill needs. Connell Resources is proud to produce specification recycled aggregate materials at our pit in Fort Collins including RAP for use in asphalt pavement materials and recycled concrete and asphalt base course. We accept clean asphalt and concrete rubble.

Connell’s Aggregate Mission

Each year, more than 3 billion square yards of construction and demolition materials are added to landfills, but did you know that a majority of these materials can be reused and recycled? Connell Resources collects and crushes demolition materials to create road base and landscaping materials. Northern Colorado can feel good about partnering with Connell Resources knowing their infrastructure can be demolished or erected at the lowest cost and the least impact on the environment. Other benefits of our crushing and recycling services include:

  • Helps conserve finite resources
  • Reduces environmental impact of construction with reprocessed/ salvaged materials
  • Prevents landfill overflow
  • Maximizes the lifespan and potential of raw materials
  • Reduces concrete and gravel costs
  • Provides new employment and job training opportunities for local residents

For more than 70 years, Connell Resources has grown from a small basement excavation company to one of the most sought after construction company in Colorado's Front Range and Southern Wyoming. We believe this is because of our relentless work ethic and our services that simplify our client’s lives and benefit our local community. With our crushing and aggregate services, we can create and use:

  • Spec aggregates
  • Base course materials
  • Bedding and landscape materials
  • Gravel
  • Concrete
  • And, more!

Connell Resources Aggregate Pits

Are you interested in recycling demo materials with us or do you need aggregate products for personal or professional use? Our pits serve the community, and we would love to partner with you.

Please contact us for restrictions and pit entry policies if you are interested in disposal. Connell Resources is also available to custom crush products for demolition or gravel production to your specifications.

Our pit locations are:

Timnath Connell Pit
(also Asphalt Plant Location)

5150 SE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80528

Carr Connell Pit

8821 CR 126, Carr, CO 80612

For more information, contact Kevin Anderson

Aggregate Sales

Kevin Anderson

From Demo to Building

Our aggregate production process is effective from collection to utilization, and looks like this:

1. Acquisition of concrete and asphalt materials - mostly from demolition sites.

2. Loading and hauling from point of source to one of Connell’s crushing and aggregate pits.

3. Recycled asphalt and concrete is crushed and sorted according to size and aggregate specifications.

4. If smaller aggregate is required, the crushing process continues.

5. Aggregate is separated by size and combined as needed to create final products.

6. Reuse or resale of aggregate for road base, asphalt, concrete, gravel, and more!

Your Local Aggregate Experts

Connell Resources has tackled some of the biggest paving and asphalt repair projects in all of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, which leaves us with massive amounts of demolished roadway, concrete driveway, and more. It was a natural and logical step to establish our own crushing and recycling capabilities that allow us to use our waste to create roadways of the future. Take a look at some of our previous aggregate production projects:

Colorado State University Hughes Stadium was the home of the CSU Rams from 1968 until 2016. The school’s governors elected to build a brand new, state-of-the-art, stadium on campus instead of spending an estimated $35-$40 million on minimal repair work. In March of 2018, Connell Resources was subcontracted by Independence Excavating and Demolition, a Cleveland-based contractor, to complete site grading, asphalt and concrete recycling and final site restoration seeding.

Independence completed all of the major vertical demolition work while Connell Resources provided services to transport the concrete and asphalt rubble to an onsite processing yard. Once in pile, Connell processed and crushed approximately 40,000 tons of concrete into a CDOT Class 5 aggregate base course. Connell exported this class 5 aggregate base course from the Hughes Stadium site and utilized it on numerous projects within Northern Colorado, reducing the impact on the environment for the need of virgin aggregate materials. All 40,000 tons of materials were crushed and removed from the site by December 10th, 2018.

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