Laramie Tunnel East Portal

Project Overview

The Laramie River East Tunnel Portal project was a negotiated contract between Water Supply and Storage Company and Connell Resources, Inc.  The project consisted of removing the existing tunnel portal structure and replacing it with a new cast in place concrete structure. 

Extensive planning was required for this project as the job site is located 3 miles east of the continental divide located off Hwy 14 – The Poudre Canyon.  The original project access was a narrow and steep 2 track trail that was required to be expanded for equipment access.

During the fall of 2018, Phase 1 of the project included access construction and pioneering of the new access road to the tunnel portal.  Operations were then suspended in October of 2018 for Big Horn Sheep matting grounds and winter.

Phase 2 operations commenced in August of 2019.  Work included blasting operations for access road construction, removal of the existing outfall structure, construction of the new outfall structure and final reclamation of the site.

The new outfall structure consisted of approx. 500 CY of 5,000 psi concrete that was mixed onsite and then pumped approx. 1,100 LF up a 60-degree slope to the tunnel portal.  All of the dry aggregates were hauled to the project staging area and then CRI implemented onsite concrete mixing.  Onsite concrete mixing had to be utilized as the project site is more than 3 hours from any ready-mix plant located in Fort Collins of Walden Colorado.

This project was completed on a Cost Plus 15% basis.  Connell was able to provide this project to Water Supply and Storage under the original budget and on time ready for the spring 2020 run off.